Today marks 100 days in the NICU.  Today also marks the start of yet another new part of Hunter’s journey…

We got a call while on our way to the hospital.  Hunter was being moved to the Level 2 nursery (also known as a step-down unit) within the same hospital.

It’s different.  And now my issues with nursing staff inconsistency no longer matter, no matter how invalid they may have been.

Ironically enough, the boy who used to be next to us back a couple of months ago was just transferred back to our hospital, and we are once again right next to him.  And we’re two beds away from another set of parents that I chatted often with in the parent lounge.  (I know their son’s name, but not theirs.. I feel so bad when I talk to them, because I have NO idea what their names are!)

Initially, I got a bit teary-eyed at this sudden change.  We sort of knew it was coming soon, as the idea of Hunter’s transfer to a lower level nursery was coming up daily.  It’s not a bad thing at all.. just another change to deal with, when what I so crave is consistency.  Hunter’s primary nurse was coming out of Level 2 as we were heading in, and she could see that I was upset.  We hugged, and she kept reassuring me that this was going to be okay for him.  That we’re going to go home soon.

The charge nurse for today also found me, as she and I get along quite well.  She explained that this change was not made lightly, and was made in Hunter’s best interest.  Apparently, the pod we WERE in is now being made entirely into an isolation unit, as there is something quite nasty going around that they want to make sure is contained.  Eeek.  She told me that she wanted Hunter OUT of that area of the unit completely, as he’s healthy.

All in all, I know we’ll get used to it, and hopefully we’re nearing the end of our stay.  We likely still have a few weeks to go.  There aren’t many new things I’ve been able to do for 100 days straight, so I think we’re doing pretty good to have come this far.